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BELLAS IN TUNE is a platform designed to highlight up and coming female artists. Through creative promo-opportunities, marketing campaigns and partnerships with artists and their teams, we help rising stars reach out to the right target audience, build brand awareness and cultivate fan relations. 

marketing campaigns

We do creative social media and digital marketing campaigns. We offer an innovative way for artists to be seen on a platform with a large, consistently growing and global following of dedicated fangirls, creatives and industry professionals. 



The platform offers promo-opportunities which differ from your traditional ones. Ours look like IG-story takeovers, TikTok-lives and creating fun and engaging content to share with our community. 


The platform is also meant to be a source of inspiration, like a best friend to lean on for support or a big sister to go to for advice. This is a space for women to take up space on their own terms, while inspiring other women to do the same. We can't stress this importance enough, therefore, BELLAS IN TUNE was born.


Always remember – empowered women empower women.


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